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You've taken the first step toward a high-quality, long-lasting concrete project that we hope will enhance your home for years to come! Our team will reach out to your shortly to schedule your free estimate.

Want to get ready for your estimate?

We appreciate your interest in Cost Effective Concrete. To prepare for our visit and ensure an efficient and thorough assessment, please clear any vehicles, debris, or large objects from the area where you plan to install or repair concrete. Think about the design and functionality you envision for your project—having a clear idea and any inspirational photos ready can greatly assist us in understanding your needs.

Feel free to prepare any questions you might have about the project, whether it’s regarding materials, design options, or the construction process. Our team is eager to address all your concerns and provide detailed information to help you make informed decisions. We look forward to helping you enhance your property with our expert concrete solutions. Thank you for choosing Cost Effective Concrete — your satisfaction is our priority.

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CEC has been building in Cincinnati for the better part of a century. Not only do we love to see the city grow and thrive, we love participating in that growth. We’d love to be a part of yours.